Published on: June 11, 2022

Where to Get Your Daily Market Brief – Market Briefs

You know that staying abreast of the daily changes in the market is essential to managing your investment portfolio, no matter what your strategy may be. The problem is that reading the local newspaper is time-consuming and doesn’t give you the information you really need. Instead, you should be searching for daily market briefs that can recap what happened the day before. This is where Market Briefs comes in.

Market Briefs is the best place to get your daily dose of financial news. It offers a quick five-minute recap of the previous day and covers investment topics such as the stock market, real estate, crypto, and inflation. Quickly see how the markets are doing for free each morning at 7:30 AM EST.

Does the daily Market Briefs email seem like it could be right for you? Learn more about where to get your daily dose of investment news and how Market Briefs can help.

Where To Get Your Daily Market Brief

Investors need to keep up with all of the happenings in the market day after day. Subtle shifts in the market may indicate that it is time to buy, sell, or hold their positions. It doesn’t matter what type of assets make up the portfolio, there will inevitably come a day when investors must switch up their strategy. This is why a daily market brief can help.

There are tons of newsletters on the market that promise to help investors make savvy decisions with their portfolio. Some can be a bit expensive, tying up funds that could be used to invest in a new asset. However, there is a better option: Market Briefs.

Market Briefs is the best place to go for your daily market brief. The best part about this bite-size investment newsletter is that it is completely free. More than 200,000 regular investors are already subscribed to this daily finance newsletter.

It takes literally just seconds to sign up for Market Briefs. The only thing required is a valid email address. Make sure to unblock their emails from being filtered into junk mail, and you are good to go to receive your newsletter at 7:30 AM EST.

Why You Need Daily Market Briefs

Daily market briefs are an essential way to stay on top of your investments. Market Briefs offers a robust and economical option for doing just that.

The best thing about this newsletter is that you have nothing to lose by signing up for it except time. It takes just a few minutes to read through your update on market news, and you won’t pay a dime for the information it provides. If you decide that this daily market brief just isn’t the right fit for you (which is unlikely), you can always click a few buttons and unsubscribe.

Still not convinced that Market Briefs is the right move for you? Here are just a few of the reasons why this newsletter should make it into your inbox.

Five-Minute Market Recap

The most impressive aspect of the Market Briefs newsletter is that it summarizes all of the major market shifts in five minutes or less. Instead of spending the first hour of your day trying to read The Wall Street Journal from cover to cover, you can skim this email newsletter over your cup of joe before heading out the door for work.

You may be able to find some daily market briefs that are a bit shorter, but you might discover that you are sacrificing quality for brevity. Five minutes is a manageable and worthwhile investment of your time each morning, allowing you to get a head start on the changes in the market that were seen at the close of business the day before. 

Of course, you also have the option to dive deeper into any of the stories that interest you. Some stories include links to sources, allowing you to learn more about events that interest you without leaving the email to fall down the rabbit hole of the internet.

One of the benefits of this short form is that it is easy for the Market Briefs team to organize their thoughts. It is broken up into short chunks that represent different aspects of the market. For example, all information regarding crypto is listed together, as is information related to the stock market or real estate.

Why does this matter? It makes it easier for investors to skim to the sections that interest them the most and forget about the details on investments that don’t pertain to their portfolio. This saves you even more time when it comes to narrowing the scope of content that you consume each morning.

If five minutes seems like too much, this is one quick and easy way to trim down the number of minutes you spend updating and educating yourself in the mornings. 

Covers Multiple Investment Types

Some newsletters are extremely specific, focusing on one type of investment such as the stock market. Market Briefs is unique in that it details updates for most investment types so that investors can have a well-rounded portfolio. They cover topics related to:

  • Stock market
  • Real estate market
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Inflation
  • Commodities like oil and wheat

While this can be helpful for established investors whose assets are spread out among a number of outlets, it can also be great for those who are looking to break into a new market. By showing you the indexes for most investment types, you can see when and where to make your move to expand your investment portfolio.

For example, according to a Minority Mindset poll, 40 percent of people would like to invest in crypto over the stock market. Diving into this market can be tough as there are a lot of things you must learn. By jumping into the market’s latest news in the Market Briefs newsletter, you can get a good idea of where things stand and whether this is the right financial move for you at the right time.

Get the Numbers at a Glance

Are you determined to check the stock market every morning to see how it is doing? Whether you want to check the S&P or the value of your crypto, it is easy to get sucked into the internet when you have to check the status of the market. You suddenly find yourself spending a full hour doing nothing but clicking on page after page.

Sound familiar?

One of the benefits of having a daily market brief delivered to your inbox is that you have no need to access the internet for the most basic information. Get the big-picture view of every aspect of the market without ever leaving your inbox. Market Briefs includes the index for:

  • Gold, 2022 CPI

In addition, they include the stock market numbers for individual companies that show up in the news that day.

Learn More From Sponsors

How does Market Briefs remain free for subscribers? The answer is simple: sponsors.

While some companies might be annoying with their sponsorships, Market Briefs is selective in which sponsors they choose. Sponsors are carefully vetted to ensure that they are legitimate ways to invest or to help their readers to improve themselves. You won’t have to worry about the legitimacy of a sponsor on this selective newsletter.

Their partnerships always offer some type of value for the reader. That could mean sharing information on investment platforms such as Vaulted and Fundrise. Alternatively, they may offer special deals like a free audiobook credit on Audible to expand your investing knowledge. You won’t want to skip over this section because you never know what goodies you might discover from their sponsors.

If you want to learn more about different ways you can invest – whether in yourself or in a new type of asset – be sure to check out the sponsorship section. It’s short and easy to read, nestled in the middle of the message.

Staying On Top Of News With Market Briefs

Staying on top of the news to manage your investment portfolio used to be complex and time-consuming. Not anymore. The daily Market Briefs email newsletter condenses all of the top news stories that could impact your investment portfolio and strategy.

The Market Briefs team does the heavy lifting of sorting through all of the available news stories to condense it down into just what is most valuable for readers. You won’t have to subscribe to expensive newspapers or sites that are put up behind a firewall. Instead, you can take advantage of the free newsletter offered by Market Briefs.

No matter what your investment strategy is, you can benefit from this daily newsletter. You may even be surprised to learn about some other aspects of investing that you hadn’t considered before, especially when it comes to their sponsors.

Be sure to sign up for your daily Market Briefs newsletter today!

- Briefs Media Team