Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer any pressing questions you may have about Market Briefs, Business Briefs or Briefs Media.

General Questions

Q: How can I sign up for your newsletters?

A: Signing up is super easy! We currently offer:

Q: Do you sell briefs?

A: Our daily briefs are completely free! However, we do have some briefs you can wear to stay cozy while you read. We have briefs available for purchase on our store but you can get a free pair of original briefs when you refer 10 investors to Market Briefs or 10 business owners to Business Briefs!

Q: Who owns Briefs Media?

A: Jaspreet Singh is the founder and CEO of Briefs Media. He leads the team behind Market Briefs. You can learn more about our briefs here.

Q: Are you active on socials?

A: We love engaging with our Briefers! We have a LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram where we post breaking business and financial news updates as they happen. Be sure to give us a follow and drop a comment while you’re there!

Q: Is there a community to talk with other Briefers?

A: We built The Exchange so our Briefers would have a place to talk with other like-minded individuals about all things business and finance. 

Go check it out and say hi!

Q: How do I unsubscribe?

A: We’re sad that you no longer want to receive your Briefs, but you’re welcome back anytime! 

At the bottom of every newsletter there is an unsubscribe link - click that and follow the steps to unsubscribe.

Q: How does Market Briefs make money?

A: Market Briefs is completely free to our Briefers. We partner with sponsors and affiliates to help keep our newsletters free every day. 

If you do happen to click on one of our sponsored links, we will be compensated, but this is at no cost to you!  

Oh, and we only promote brands that we trust and know that you’ll love.


Q: How can I submit feedback to the Briefs Media team?

A: Feedback is always welcomed! You can use the contact us page or email us directly:

Q: What is the political bias of Briefs Media?

A: Briefs Media remains neutral - we strive to bring the facts to our readers every morning without bias and without sensationalism.

Q: Are you expanding to cover other countries?

A: Briefs is expanding! We currently offer Market Briefs in both English and Spanish and are always looking to bring briefs to more people across the globe.

Have somewhere in mind? Let us know!

Q: Can I find old editions of Market Briefs?

A: We do not archive old editions of our newsletters as they are timely stories. If you are looking for something specific please reach out to us and we can try to assist you.

Briefs Academy & Market Briefs Pro

Q: What is Briefs Academy?

A: Briefs Academy is our premier financial education platform. You get access to Journeys (classes) on things like: building wealth, real estate investing, stock market investing, and more!

Q: What is Market Briefs Pro?

A: Market Briefs Pro is our premium financial newsletter for investors. Once a week, you'll get our new premium newsletter where we analyze some of the biggest financial stories and show you new trends.

Q: How to I subscribe?

A: We are currently not taking new members for either Briefs Academy or Market Briefs Pro but we will be opening enrollment soon!

Q: Help! I am a current member and need assistance

A: Please reach out to for any help needs including refund requests.

Referral Program

Q: How does the referral program work?

A: When you refer an investor to Market Briefs you’ll be credited with a referral after they subscribe. 

1 referral = 1 point towards awesome rewards like a free eBook, a slick Briefs mug, or even a cozy hoodie.

Q: How do I refer people?

A: You’ll get a custom referral link within the newsletter; each one is completely unique to your email address. Share that link with an investor or business owner; after they sign up you’ll be credited with a referral and well on your way to receiving rewards! 

Q: Where can I see how many referrals I have?

A: The Referral Hub is where you can find what rewards you’ve won, what you could win next, and everything else you need to know. Just fill out your name and email and we’ll take it from there!

Q: I shared my link but the referral count isn’t changing

A: It can take a couple of days for referrals to fully be counted - if its been awhile and the count hasn’t changed please let us know so we can look into it:

Q: I reached a reward, how do I redeem it?

A: Congrats, and thanks for sharing! You’ll be receiving an email from us with instructions on how to redeem it! If you haven’t gotten an email please reach out to us:

Q: What counts as a referral?

A: A referral only counts if the person you refer with your unique referral link subscribes. 

If you send the link to a fellow investor and they click the link but don’t subscribe to Market Briefs or Business Briefs, it will not count. Usually people will subscribe if you follow up with them and explain how valuable the newsletters are.

Advertising & Marketing

Q: Can I sponsor Market Briefs?

A: Yes, you can use the contact us form or reach out to and we’ll put you in touch with the right team.

Q: I have a suggestion for a sponsor

A: We love hearing suggestions from our Briefers! Let us know who you think would be a good fit:

Q: I have feedback on a sponsor

A: You can submit sponsor feedback to us by emailing us at or responding to the email directly. We always want to make sure our sponsors and affiliates are aligned with our Briefers needs.

Tech Issues

Q: I can’t find my Briefs

A: Sorry we missed you! This can happen sometimes with new subscribers. Please check your spam or junk folder - if it’s in there, great! Add us as a contact and move us to your primary inbox and you should find us every morning from now on.

If your Briefs are still nowhere to be found, let us know by emailing as sometimes our briefs get lost in the laundry.

Whatever the issue is, don't worry, we'll take care of it!

Q: Can I update my email address?

A: Yes! At the bottom of the newsletter there is a link for “Preferences”. You can use this to update your email address.

Q: I’m getting extra Briefs - what’s going on?

A: This can happen for a few reasons but no need to panic. You may be subscribed under two email addresses and they both filter to the same inbox. Reach out to and we can get that sorted out for you.